It is likely that few people understand that traditional channels of marketing communications are changing.  The number of people who read traditional newspapers, who watch traditional television or listen to regular AM/FM radio, are declining rapidly.  The media of choice is now on-line, mobile and highly targeted.  Social media, by definition, is communication by invitation only …targeting by choice.  The challenge is how to be invited into the circle.

TagMeCam is a social media engagement device that invites your customers and their friends to take a photo, touch-type in their Facebook log-in or email address, and automatically post their photo on the Facebook Business Page and their individual Facebook Timelines offering a fun way for fans to visually recommend businesses in social media’s world of discussion.  It allows you to put a face and name on customers and document the joy of relationships within your business.

  • TagMeCam puts a face on your customer. Each photo has a name that you can get to know as you build friends out of customers.
  • TagMeCam lets your customers do the talking. With your business logo and tag line on every photo your customer will endorse your business.
  • TagMeCam allows you to have personal engagement with your customer. Your comments tell the customer they matter.
  • TagMeCam drives customers back to your business. With one or more rotating aisle ads that link to a coupon, order entry application, contest, or other promotional opportunities to engage the viewer, you can bring in new customers and keep relationships with the customers you already have.
  • TagMeCam captures your customer’s email. You can use these email addresses for future promotions.
  •  TagMeCam helps your company brand. In more ways than ever TagMeCam is branding your business. We brand the background on the TagMeCam screen, the overlay of the photo, keep your business Facebook page fun, and measure results.

TagMeCam is offered full time for businesses with yearly subscription packages, and can also be rented for one-time special events like weddings and grand opening celebrations.

So, why not give your customers the opportunity to be your best advocate and to your business stay ahead. Check our current TagMeCam users, and see for yourself how much of an impact it can make to your business.

Get started now. It’s simple!

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